SOP Of Enlistment / Registration Of Contractor In PKHA

Application Form For Registration / Instruction For Applicants


1.     The application addressed to Managing Director-PKHA should be supported of firms/company’s brochure contains but not limited to the following information:

        a.     The title page of brochure shall contain the text “Enlistment in PKHA”.

        b.     National Identity Card (CNIC Photocopy).

        c.     Valid Pakistan Engineering Council registration (copy) for the current year.

        d.     Form A & H of the Company / Firm.

        e.     Details of similar nature works (Roads & Bridges) in hands and completed during last 05-years supported by work order & completion         certificates duly attested from the Executing agencies concerned alongwith ranking of performance.

        f.     Machinery (Tools, Pants & Equipments etc) Supported with the purchase documents as evidence of ownership.

       g.  Particular of technical staff / engineers alongwith updated CVs and their agreement on stamp paper with the firm together with their         qualification.

        h.     Financial soundness supported by annual audit reports for the last 03 years.

        i.     Tax Return Certificates for the latest year.

        j.     Valid Registration with KPRA.

        k.     Any other document to support the application for enlistment.

2.    Fee of Registration form is Rs. 1000/- (One Thousand Only) to be paid through call deposit (non- refundable) in the name of Managing Director Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority.Attach additional deposit slip amounting to Rs.100/- in case it is desired that the application form be sent through UMS/ Courier services.

3.     The fee structure on account of enlistment is categorized as follow:

  Approved Structure of Contractors Registration Fee
  Nomenclature of PKHA Category  PEC Category Work Capacity limit (Million) Annual Fee (Rs)
  PH - 1 C-A No Limit 150,000/-
  PH - 2 C-B Upto Rs 4000 Million 100,000/-
  PH - 3 C-1 Upto Rs 2500 Million 90,000/-
  PH - 4 C-2 Upto Rs 1000 Million 65,000/-
  PH - 5 C-3 Upto Rs 500 Million 55,000/-
  PH - 6 C-4 Upto Rs 200 Million 45,000/-
  PH - 7 C-5 Upto Rs 65 Million 40,000/-
  PH - 8 C-6 Upto Rs 25 Million 25,000/-

4.     If a Firm doesn't have a valid registration of  Communication & Works Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa , and interested in enlistment with Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority (PKHA) then they will require to submit double fee as per fee Structure  .   

5.     (i) Renewal can be made in the normal fee structure upto 31st August.

       (ii) Renewal between 1st September & 31st December will be with a late fee worth Rs. 2,000/- in addition.

       (iii) Renewal after 31st December will be with double fee of the prescribed fee structure in the respective categories.

       (iv) After elapse of two years, reckoned from the deadline of the last renewal, the enlistment would be considered as cancelled / expired and the contractor/firm will submit application (if any firm desire) for enlistment which would be considered/processed as new enlistment/registration.

6.     The committee constituted for registration / enlistment in this authority convened its meeting once in a quarter . However, if there is any special case the enlistment / registration of a firm is considered subject to submission of double fees as per relevant category.

7.     All the documents provided in the brochure for Enlistment especially the work order & completion certificate shall be attested from the relevant office.

8.     All the information and documents provided by the Firm / Contractor must be based on facts beyond any doubt. During analysis / Scrutiny or evaluation of the proposals any misrepresentation, false statement or fake document would make a ground for rejection of the application. .

9.     In case of any query / clarification contact Deputy Director Headquarter on Telephone No. 091-9213522.

10.     Application should be delivered by hand, through post or courier service to:

                     Deputy Director (HQ)

(Member/Focal Person Enlistment Committee)

    Block B, Attached Department Complex,

Opp. Treasury Office, Khyber Road Peshawar
        Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority
                    Tel: 091-9213522

                   Fax: 091-9210434





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