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Training on Road Asset Management System (RAMS) in C&W Office, SWAT Circle

Conducted by PID   

M/s Partners in Development (PID) Consulting Engineers have conducted trainings for the officials of PKHA and C&W officials on Road Asset Management System (RAMS). The trainings were conducted at PKHA office in Peshawar and various C&W circle offices at Abbotabaad, Mansehra, Swat and Tiamergara etc. The PKHA and C&W staff were given basic  training on the process of establishing RAMS, running of various equipment including Profilometer, Traffic counter (Tirtl), Weigh Bridge (Axle Load) and Road Condition (Distresses) surveys. The trainings were delivered by Project Manager RAMS and consultants hired for establishment of RAMS. The trainings will be followed by field training on various equipment during the data collection for RAMS.  Details of training given includes:

·         Understanding & coordination of RAMS activities

·         Data collection activities

·         Road condition/ Distress surveys

·         Training on various RAMS Equipments including:

        Weigh Bridge

        TIRTL (Traffic Counting)




All the Superintending Engineers, Executive Engineers, SDO’s & Sub Engineers of C&W Department Abbotabad Circle have been attended the said training


Abbotabad   Abbotabad   Abbotabad   Abbotabad   Abbotabad   Abbotabad   Abbotabad   Abbotabad


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