Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority (PKHA)

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa



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  1. Frontier Highways Authority is now known as Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority. The decision has been taken by the high ups after the change of the province name from NWFP to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

  2. PESHAWAR: A hand out from PKHA stated that a portion of RCC bridge located at Km 2 of Haripur beer section of S12 collapsed today on 26th April at 5 pm PST. The said bridge was constructed back in 1982 by Army Engineers for WAPDA. PKHA took the instant necessary safety measures for its valuable commuters by installing diversion sign boards and other traffic regulating ancillaries on site. Report further added that PKHA started working immediately on constructing a diversion route and trying to get the traffic flowing through the diversion being constructed on river bed. Report further added that commuters are requested to use Haripur Bypass road until the work on diversion route is completed.; ">

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  4. Managing Director (PKHA) Returned back after successful visit to China for Road Show at Beijing. PKHA has been successful in signing MoUs for eight major road projects with leading Chinese firms and topped the list amongst 13 participating departments.


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Minister's Message

While handling the resource constraints and combating the minent impediments in financial, technical and technological paradigms, concerted national efforts are needed by all the stakeholders to put the province on the course of development and prosperity. Communication and Works Department is a major stakeholder, engaged in the hectic persuit of the cherished goal of nation building and noble destiny of the people of the province. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is confronted with enormous crisis and severe challenges of its life, which call for devoted, dedicated, selfless and energetic endeavours by the brains and muscles of this province. Communication and Works Department earnestly needs institutional capacity building to properly handle the gigantic task of construction, rehabilitation and up-keep of the essential public infrastructure to drive the province towards our long term benchmarks. The province has a formidable and cumbersome task ahead to build, rebuild its institutions, construct and restore its ravaged communication in the wake of current onslaught of extremism, which lay more responsibility on the C&W Department to ensure maximum and efficient service delivery with utmost credibility and sincere expertise. I wish good luck to the Department!

Secretary's Message

Communication and Works Department has been in the vanguard to translate practically on the ground the wishes, desires and dreams of the people. It is the working limb of the government, which implements the development agenda of the popular executive for the benefit of the people at gross root level. The public sector projects transpire the economic might of a polity and indicate its commitment towards the ultimate destiny of a nation. C&W Department is a revenue spending organ of the government and its duties warrant good credibility, and institutional reliance for judicious utilization of the public money with utmost diligence. It is an uphill task for a spending department to earn public appreciation and C&W Department has been experiencing this dilemma, as well. It is very laudable that the department has embarked upon the much needed task of muscle building to enhance its capacity, vitality and capability to handle its functions, efficiently. The planners, designers and Engineers need to grasp latest technology and innovation to make their service delivery compatible with the surroundings. Quality, progress and wise utilization of tax payers money are the prime objectives of the department, which are not to be compromised at any level. Material testing profile is to be maintained for each and every project to ensure quality control for a sustainable development. The persons who are destitute to deliver properly, need to be pushed out from vital positions. The C&W department should meet the challenge not to fall short of the public expectations. I am confident that the task is difficult but not un-achievable!