Contractor Registration

Application Form For Registration / Instruction For Applicants


1.     Fee of Registration form is Rs. 1000/- (One Thousand Only) to be paid either through call deposit bank draft or pay order (non- refundable) in the name of Managing Director Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority or cash deposited in PKHA Account No. NIDA-09 maintained in National Bank of Pakistan Civil Secretariat Branch, Peshawar. Attach additional deposit slip amounting to Rs.100/- in case it is desired that the application form be sent through UMS/ Courier services.

2.     The fee structure on account of enlistment is categorized as follow:

  Approved Structure of Contractors Registration Fee
  Nomenclature of PKHA Categary  C&W Category PEC Categary Work Capacity limit (Million) Annual Fee (Rs)
  PH - 1 PK - 1 C-A No Limit 150,000/-
  PH - 2 PK - 2 C-B Upto Rs 4000 Million 110,000/-
  PH - 3 PK - 3 C-1 Upto Rs 2500 Million 95,000/-
  PH - 4 PK - 4 C-2 Upto Rs 1000 Million 65,000/-
  PH - 5 PK - 5 C-3 Upto Rs 500 Million 55,000/-
  PH - 6 PK - 6 C-4 Upto Rs 200 Million 45,000/-
  PH - 7 PK - 7 C-5 Upto Rs 65 Million 35,000/-
  PH - 8 PK - 8 C-6 Upto Rs 25 Million 25,000/-

3.     If a Firm doesn't have a valid registration of  Communication & Works Department KPK , and intersted in enlistment with Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority then they will require to submit double fee as per fee Structure  .   

4.     (i) Renewal can be made in the normal fee structure upto 31th August.

       (ii) Renewal between 1st September & 31st December will be with a late fee worth Rs. 2,000/- in addition.

       (iii) Renewal after 31st December will be with double fee of the prescribed fee structure in the respective categories.

5.     The committee constituted for registration / enlistment in this authority convened its meeting once in a quarter . However, if there is any special case the enlistment / registration of a firm is considered subject to submission of double fees as per relevant category.

6.     All the documents provided in the brochur for Enlistment especially the work order & completion certificate shall be attested from the relevant office , failing which no points will be given.

7.     In case of any query / clarification contact Deputy Director Headquarter on Telephone No. 091-9213522.

8.     Application could be delivered by hand, through post or courier service to:

                     Deputy Director (HQ)

(Member/Focal Person Enlistment Committee)

    Block B, Attached Department Complex,

Opp. Treasury Office, Khyber Road Peshawar
        Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority
                    Tel: 091-9213522

                   Fax: 091-9210434




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